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Mike Olsen (3)

Mike Olsen is a classical cellist, and a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, composer and arranger living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is also a founder and operator of the Toronto recording studio Uncomfortable Silence.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
Michael Olsen
Michael Olson
Mike Olson
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Funeral Vinyl 2005-02-22 Cello
Funeral CD 2005-02-28 Cello
Funeral CD 2004-09-14 Cello
Funeral CD 2005 Cello
Funeral Vinyl 2005-02-28 Cello
Navy Brown Blues CD 2006 Strings
And This Will Be Our Homecoming CD 2005-02-08 Cello
Funeral CD 2005 Cello
Death Of A Tune Vinyl 2006 Cello
Swift Feet For Troubling Times CD 2006 Mixed By
Funeral CD 2004-09-14 Cello
Joyful Rebellion CD 2004 Cello
Funeral CD 2005-07-20 Cello
The Luck Of The Singers Vinyl 2009-02-23 Recorded By
Funeral CD 2008 Cello
Lost Channels CD 2009 Cello
Lost Channels CD 2008 Cello
Generation Vinyl Instruments
Thieves CD 2008-10-14 Mixed By
Funeral Vinyl 2009-12-15 Cello
Goodnight (Go Home) CD 2007 Cello
What Happens Now? CD 2000 Cello
The Only Really Thing Vinyl 2009-09-22 Producer
Funeral CD 2005-02-28 Cello
Obsession I Vinyl 2012-08-14 Engineer [Liver Drums Engineer]
Funeral CD 2004-08-14 Cello
The Other Side Of Tomorrow Vinyl 2012 Arranged By [Strings]
Morning Noon Night File Performer [Other Players]
Now, More Than Ever (Remastered Edition) File 2014-01-17 Cello
Navy Brown Blues CD 2005 Strings
Funeral CD 2004 Cello
Funeral CD 2004 Cello
Funeral CDr 2004-09-14 Cello
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