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Hype Graphics

Designer or design company from Berlin, Germany.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
Hype Grafics
Hype Graphics / Berlin
hype graphics/Berlin
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Eco System E.P. Vinyl 1993-11-18 Cover
Wavemaker CD 1995-00-00 Artwork [Cover]
Where Angels Fear To Tread CD 1995-07-18 Artwork
Get Higher Vinyl 1992-12-11 Cover
Destination E.P. Vinyl 1994 Cover
Enchanted Vinyl 1994-00-00 Cover
The Trap CD 1993-01-00 Artwork
Paranoid Illusions CD 1993-05-00 Design [Cover]
Revelations 23 CD 1993 Design [Cover]
Energized CD 1992 Design [Cover]
Energized E.P. Vinyl 1992 Artwork
Out Of The Dark CD 1992-00-00 Cover
Out Of The Dark Vinyl 1992-00-00 Design [Cover]
Dream Phase CD 1994 Cover
Outback CD 1994 Cover
E.P. Of High Adventure CD 1994 Artwork
Revelations 23 CD 1995-05-16 Design [Cover]
Energy Trance E.P. Vinyl 1993 Cover
E.P. Of High Adventure Vinyl 1994 Cover
Jupiter Vinyl 1994 Cover
AP: The Contest CD 1995 Design [Cover]
Destination E.P. CD 1994 Cover
I Sing The Body Electric Vinyl 1990 Artwork By [Cover Design]
Outside World E.P. CD 1994 Cover
Pure Tribal CD 1991 Artwork By [Cover Design]
Suck-Cess Vinyl 1995 Cover
Infusion E.P. Vinyl 1994 Cover
Wavemaker Vinyl 1995 Design [Cover]
Tales From The A-Side Vinyl 1995 Cover
Sometimes I See Your Mind E.P. Vinyl 1993 Cover
Where Angels Fear To Tread CD 1994 Artwork [Cover]
4000 Ohm! CD 1993 Design [Cover]
Controlling Transmission CD 1995 Artwork
5000 Ohm! CD 1994 Design [Cover Design]
Suck-Cess CD 1995 Cover
Breath And Taxes CD 1994 Design [Cover Design]
Mean Machine CD 1993 Cover [Design]
Transmitter CD 1994 Design [Cover]
Human Desolation CD 1993-01-18 Design [Cover Design]
Anatomy CD 1992 Design [Cover]
Collateral CD 1994 Design [Cover Design]
Body Rapture Vol. 5 CD 1994 Cover [Design]
Body Rapture Vol. 4 CD 1994-05-00 Artwork [Cover]
Body Rapture Vol. 3 CD 1994-03-00 Cover, Design
The Colours Of Zoth Ommog CD 1994 Artwork By [Cover Design]
Animals On Speed CD 1995 Cover [Design]
Shadows In Blue CD 1995 Design [Cover]
Let Your Mind Dive CD 1994-02-00 Artwork By [Cover]
V CD 1994 Cover
Vol. 1 - Return Of The Homeraver CD 1995 Cover
The Switch CD 1994 Design [Cover]
6000 Ohm! CD 1994 Artwork
Get Higher CD 1992 Artwork By [Cover]
Makin' Love (Remix) CD 1993 Cover
Tonight Vinyl 1991 Design [Cover]
Waves CD 1992 Design [Cover]
Escape From New York (Main Title) CD 1992 Design [Cover Design]
Dance You Bastards! Vinyl 1993-02-08 Artwork
Total Fire-Ant Control CD 1992 Cover
Eco System E.P. CD 1993 Cover
Sometimes I See Your Mind E.P. CD 1993 Cover
Trance 2 Paradise Vinyl 1995 Design [Cover]
Cloudy CD 1995 Cover
Dance You Bastards! CD 1993-02-08 Artwork
Nosferatu CD 1992 Cover [Cover Design]
Experiment CD 1992 Design [Cover Design]
Escape From New York Vinyl 1992 Design [Cover]
The Land Of Harm And Appletrees CD 1993 Design [Cover]
Chanel N° 3 E.P. CD 1995 Cover
BOY Megamix Vol. 1 / Falling Vinyl 1991 Design [Cover Design]
Electronic Youth Vol. 3 CD 1994-08-08 Cover
Souls Of The Damned CD 1993 Cover [Cover Design], Design [Cover Design]
(I Want) More Noise Vinyl 1993 Artwork By [Cover]
The Myths Of Avalon CD 1992 Artwork By [Cover]
Electronic Youth Vol.4 CD 1996 Design
Ravesign CD 1993 Artwork By
Hamburg Trax Compilation No. 1 CD 1997 Cover [Coverdesign]
No Drugs Necessary Movement CD 1993 Design [Cover]
The Mighty Moon - Kyrandia's Second Gate CD 1994 Artwork By [Cover Design]
AP: Storm The Planet CD 1994 Design [Cover Design]
Revelations 23 File 2008 Design [Cover]
Revelations 23 CD 1995-05-16 Design [Cover]