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George Daeretzis

Graphic designer for a1827670.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
G Daeretzis
G. Daeretzis
George Dare
Dare Art
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Lucid Dreaming CD 1995-04-28 Design
Harthouse 100 CD 1996-07-22 Artwork
Accidentally Classic CD 1997-03-24 Artwork
Smells Like Funk CD 1996 Design
Sunday Afternoon CD 1996-10-14 Artwork, Photography By
Respect CD 1994-00-00 Design [Cover]
Mahogany Roots CD 1995 Design [Cover]
Respected Remixes CD 1995 Cover [Coverdesign]
Forever After CD 1995-06-23 Artwork
Inexhaustibility CD 1994-00-00 Design [Coverdesign]
Harthouse 100 Vinyl 1996-07-22 Artwork
Respect Vinyl 1994 Design [Cover]
Echoplexing Vinyl 1995-00-00 Design [Cover]
One Way Vinyl 1997-05-27 Artwork
Harthouse 100 Vinyl 1996-00-00 Artwork
Accidentally Classic Vinyl 1996 Artwork
Re-Oscillation CD 1995 Design [Cover]
Echoplexing CD 1995 Design [Cover Design]
Communication CD 1996 Artwork
Wellenbad CD 1996-04-15 Cover
Trommelmaschine (Remixes) CD 1996-00-00 Artwork
Liquid Desert Vinyl 1995 Design
Welcome Spacebrothers CD 1997 Artwork
Cat, Mouse And Me CD 1997-02-10 Artwork
Cat, Mouse And Me Vinyl 1997-02-10 Artwork
Harthouse 100 Live Vinyl 1997 Artwork By
Respect CD 1995-00-00 Design [Cover Design]
Respect CD 1995-12-21 Artwork
Re-Oscillation Vinyl 1995 Design [Cover]
Forever After CD 1995-00-00 Artwork
Harthouse 100 CD 1996 Artwork
The Phat Jive CD 1996 Artwork
Hold Me Now CD 1996 Design [CD-Design]
Harthouse 100 CD 1996 Artwork
Ballet-Fusion Vinyl 1995 Design
Koala Kong Vinyl 1997 Design
Resensed Part One CD 2007-02-26 Artwork
Active Agent (Part Two) Vinyl 2007-08-28 Artwork
Alienoid (Rmxs) Vinyl 1996 Design [Dare Art]
Ballet-Fusion CD 1995 Design