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Masaru Takagi

Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Cookin' With The Miles Davis Quintet SACD 2011 Remastered By
Brasilian Skies Vinyl 1978-07-21 Remix
Come On Over SACD 2011-09-28 Mastered By [Dsd Transfered From Analogue Master Tapes]
Brasilian Skies CD 1990-07-25 Remix
Brasilian Skies CD 1995-05-25 Remix
Brasilian Skies CD 2006-03-01 Remix
Brasilian Skies CD 2013-06-26 Remix
Some Girls CD 2013-10-30 Edited By [Dsd]
Sticky Fingers CD 2013-10-30 Edited By [Dsd]
Exile On Main St. CD 2013-09-25 Edited By [Dsd]
Songs In The Key Of Life CD 2013-12-18 Edited By [DsD]
Goodbye CD 2014-05-28 Edited By [Dsd]
Goodbye SACD 2014-05-28 Edited By [Dsd]
Physical SACD 2012 Remastered By [SACD]
Goodbye CD 2014-05-28 Edited By [In DSD]
Brothers In Arms SACD 2014-04-23 Edited By [DSD]
Goodbye CD 2010-11-24 Edited By [Dsd]
Moonmadness SACD 2014-03-12 Edited By [DSD]