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Marcus Spehr

Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Inner Feelings CD 2011-04-18 Research [Repertoire]
Not A Little Girl Anymore CD 2011-01-27 Research [Repertoire]
Acting Up CD 2011-04-25 Research [Audio And Vault]
Gap Band VI CD 2012 Research [Repertoire], Research [Audio]
Woman Overboard CD 2011-05-23 Research [Repertoire]
Fathoms Deep CD 2012-02-13 Research [Repertoire]
City Living CD 2011 Research [Repertoire]
Just Like Dreamin' CD 2012-02-27 Liner Notes, Interviewer, Research [Repertoire]
A Tear And A Smile CD 2012 Reissue Producer [Associate]
Like Gangbusters CD 2012 Research [Repetoire]
In The Night CD 2012-04-09 Research [Repertoire]
Make It Last Forever CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Rise CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Pulse CD 2012-04-30 Research [Repertoire]
Serious Slammin' CD 2012-05-07 Research [Repertoire]
New York At Dawn CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Bryan Loren CD 2012-03-26 Research [Reportoire]
Love Conquers All CD 2011-08-29 Research [Repertoire]
Jump To It CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Let The Music Turn You On CD 2012-03-26 Research [Reportoire]
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force CD 2012-07-30 Research [Repertoire]
Elementary CD 2012-07-30 Research [Repertoire]
Heartbreaker CD 2012-09-24 Research [Repertoire]
Instant Funk CD 2012-09-17 Research [Reportoire]
Search I CD 2012-03-19 Research [Reportoire]
Pennye CD 2012 Reissue Producer [Associate], Liner Notes, Interviewer, Research
Guilty CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Ten Percent CD 2012 Research [Reportoire]
Magic CD 2012-04-16 Research [Repertoire]
Enchantment CD 2012-05-14 Research [Repertoire]
Eau De Vie CD 2012-11-26 Research [Repertoire]
Delegation II CD 2012-11-26 Research [Repertoire]
Love All The Hurt Away CD 2012-09-24 Research [Repertoire]
Dick Jensen CD 2013-01-28 Research [Repertoire]
George McCrae CD 2012-11-26 Research [Repertoire]
Amigo CD 2013-02-25 Research [Repertoire]
Rock Your Baby CD 2012-07-02 Research [Repertoire]
Skyy Line CD 2012 Research [Reportoire]
Dancin' & Prancin' CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Aretha CD 2012-07-30 Research [Repertoire]
Going East CD 2013-01-28 Research [Repertoire]
Disco Nights CD 2012-09-17 Research [Repertoire]
Friends CD 2013-04-29 Research [Repertoire]
An 1 CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Instant Love CD 2012 Research [Repertoire]
Gap Band VII CD 2013-04-29 Research [Repertoire]
Hold Your Horses CD 2013-06-24 Research [Reportoire]
Taana Gardner CD 2013-07-15 Research [Repertoire]
Winners CD 2013 Research [Repertoire]
A Little Love CD 2013-07-29 Research [Repertoire]
Talk It Up (Tell Everybody) CD 2012-03-12 Research [Repertoire]
Loleatta CD 2013-08-05 Research [Repertoire]
'Say No More...' CD 2012-02-27 Research [Repertoire]
Deuces High CD 2013-02-25 Research [Repertoire]
Love Sensation [Expanded Edition] CD 2013-10-28 Research [Repertoire]
I Am Music CD 2013-01-28 Research [Repertoire By [Digitally]
Melody Of Life CD 2013-05-27 Research [Repertoire]
In The Evening CD 2014-01-13 Research [Repetoire], Research [Audio]
Rise Sleeping Beauty CD 2014-08-04 Research [Repertoire]
Like Gangbusters CD 2012 Research [Repetoire]