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Mat Dunlap

Variaciones de su Nombre:
Matt Dunlap
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Orchestra For The Moon CD 2007-04-00 Photography By [Inside Photo]
Three Vinyl 2009 Layout
Truthfully Truthfully Vinyl 2011 Layout [Gatefold Vinyl Layout]
Key CDr 2010 Photography By, Design
Four Chords And The Truth CD 2005 Layout
Miss Canada CD 2003 Artwork
Peaks & Valleys CD 2010 Art Direction
Wild Lines Vinyl 2012-02-28 Effects [Special Effects]
Thank You For Being A Friend CD 2010 Layout
Hi Dudes! Vinyl 2012 Artwork
Hi Dudes! CD 2012 Artwork
Scrappy Happiness Vinyl 2012 Artwork, Layout
Please Come Home (We Hate It Here Without You) Vinyl 2011-04-19 Photography By [Insert Photos]
Waitin' And Seein' CD 2010 Design, Layout, Photography By
The Trouble & The Truth CDr 2007 Photography By [Cover], Layout
The Complete Recordings CD 2010 Design, Layout
Sage CDr 2010-01-21 Photography By, Artwork, Layout
Dream Mountain Dream CD 2012-03-00 Artwork, Layout
The Beautiful Wild CD 2012-09-25 Photography By
We Were Strangers In Paddington Green CD 2009 Design, Layout, Photography By
The Billy Project CD 2012-06-00 Design, Layout
We Can Get Over CD 2012-10-09 Design, Layout
Mo Kenney CD 2012-09-25 Layout [Artwork Layout]
Oh, Come Off It! CD 2001 Artwork, Photography By
The Beautiful Wild Vinyl 2013 Photography By
All Nations CD 2009 Photography By
Everything, Everything Vinyl 2013-03-26 Photography By [Side A Label]
Hinterland CD 2008 Layout, Design
The Beautiful Wild Vinyl 2013 Photography By
Health CD 2013-07-30 Layout, Design
Sleeping With A Stranger CD 2012 Artwork, Layout
Constellation Vinyl 2011 Photography By
Sa-ba-da-OW! CD 2009 Photography By
It Takes All Kinds (To Make This World, I Find) Vinyl 2013-10-00 Design, Layout
Magnolia CD 2013-11-06 Artwork, Design
The Gordie Sampson Songcamp CD 2013-11-00 Design
Gat Do EP File 2014-02-07 Layout, Design
Gat Do CDr 2014-02-07 Layout, Design
Clairvoyant CD 2014-05-00 Design, Layout
Arhoolie CDr Layout [New Layout]
The True Love Rules CD 2008 Layout
Remember Me CD 2014-03-00 Artwork, Layout
In My Dreams CD 2014-09-30 Design, Layout
Sleeping With A Stranger Vinyl 2014 Artwork, Layout
Dream Magic File 2015-01-20 Design
Dream Magic CD 2015-01-20 Design [Album Design]