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Tanis Gibbons

Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Fever Vinyl 2011-08-09 Recorded By
Captain Rehab Vinyl 2011-05-03 Recorded By, Mixed By
Dark Eyes CD 2010-02-09 Recorded By
Songs From The North Vinyl 2013 Recorded By
Part Of The Brigade / Don't Let It Happen To You Vinyl 2012-03-24 Recorded By
So Wild Vinyl 2013 Recorded By
Die Hölle Orchestra CDr 2013-01-22 Recorded By, Mixed By
Pretty Lost CD 2012-06-12 Recorded By
Carey's Cold Spring File 2013-10-07 Recorded By [Drums]
Carey's Cold Spring Vinyl 2014-06-17 Recorded By [Drums]
West Of Hope CD 2009 Engineer
Captain Rehab EP File 2011-05-03 Recorded By
By The River Bend Vinyl 2012-09-04 Mixed By, Engineer