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Savant Garde

Nombre Real:
Charles Austin, Dale Murray, Andrew Glencross, Michael Catano, Graeme Campbell
The backing band to Buck 65's live shows and guests on some recordings of his, the Savant Garde have been part of other Canadian bands (more notably of the Halifax, Nova Scotia region). uKnown roles per member/u Charles Austin: guitars and other stringed things Dale Murray: lap steel Andrew Glencross: keys Michael Catano: drums (DJ) Graeme Campbell: midi and other computer stuff The Savante Garde are now supposedly known as "Shades Of Gay."
Variaciones de su Nombre:
Savant Guard, The
Andrew Glencross
Charles Austin
Dale Murray
Graeme Campbell
Michael Catano
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Trigger Happy (Remixes) File 2007-07-09
Trigger Happy Vinyl 2007-09-30
Trigger Happy Vinyl 2007
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Talkin' Honky Blues CD 2003-09-00 Backing Band [Featuring]
Talkin' Honky Blues Vinyl 2013-04-20 Backing Band [Featuring]
Talkin' Honky Blues CD 2003-09-00 Backing Band [Featuring]