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DJ Pat B

Nombre Real:
Patrick Burremans
Patrick Burremans was born on 02-12-1982 in The Netherlands. He started his musical career at a local radio station, Arta FM, just across the border in Belgium. Starting with a show on friday night, he soon got prime-time hours between 18 and 22 pm on saterday night. His show was filled with trance, hardtrance and hardstyle music, which turned out to be a great succes. He celebrated his first year on radio in "De Botte Hommel" in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. He wasn't only dj at this party, but he was also the organiser. This party was so much fun Patrick decided to throw a couple more. In the mean time he also played at some repectable trance/hardstyle parties in The Netherlands and Belgium. His first release came in october 2005. He now also had his own show on FearFM called Pat B's Jumpnation
Variaciones de su Nombre:
Deejay Pat B
DJ Pat
Pat B
Pat B.
Copycat Inc.
Dutch Bastard
Patrick Burremans
Second Nature (5)
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Maverick Vinyl 2005-10-00
House Of Doom Vinyl 2006-04-07
R&B Sux Vinyl 2006-09-06
Love Of My Life Vinyl 2007-02-00
Love Of My Life CD 2007
P.H.U.N.K. Vinyl 2007-07-14
Make Your Own Kind Of Music Vinyl 2007-09-00
15 Y Anthem Vinyl 2007-10-10
Tekkers Paradise Vinyl 2008-03-00
R&B Sux 2008 Remixes Vinyl 2008-04-25
Hard Jump 2008 CD 2008-05-30
Jump Is Dood Vinyl 2009-03-26
Dance With Us Vinyl 2009-04-08
Hard 2 Da Bone File 2009-10-09
Easy Money File 2009-10-30
Rocking Music File 2010-03-19
Sur+ Sampler 07 File 2010-01-28
Sur+ Sampler 15 File 2010
Everybody Knows EP File 2010-07-19
Sur+ Sampler 23 File 2010-09-15
The Champagne Room File 2010-11-24
You Keep Me Hangin' On File 2011-07-20
Desperate Measures EP File 2011-12-23
Verano File 2012-02-09
Collabs EP File 2012-05-23
Body Rock File 2012-08-22
Wii Do It Again File 2012-06-15
My Darkest Hour File 2012-10-31
Reworks EP File 2012-12-05
Back Into Love File 2012-10-05
Blunt Blowin' / Bloody Mary File 2013-02-14
Back 2 Back (Double EP) File 2013-02-18
No Fear File 2013-04-10
Zoo Records Remixed File 2013-07-30
Collabs EP 2 File 2013-08-20
USB File 2014-05-30
Volvo File 2014-06-24
Borat File 2014-05-14
Oldskool File 2014-07-09
Feel The Bass File 2013-11-04
Zimbabwe File 2014-11-04
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Scoot'Up CD 2006-04-07 DJ Mix
Jumping Is Not A Crime 2007-1 CD 2007-01-00 DJ Mix
15 Y Anthem Vinyl 2007-10-10 Featuring
Jumping Is Not A Crime 2008-1 CD 2008-03-03 DJ Mix
Hard Jump 2008 CD 2008-05-30 DJ Mix
Jumping Is Not A Crime - Best Of 2008 CD 2008-11-28 DJ Mix
Back Into The Future - The Ultimate Retro Classics Mix CD 2008-05-26 DJ Mix, Compiled By
Dance With Us Vinyl 2009-04-08 Presenter
Waar Is Da Feestje? (Pat B Remix) File 2010-12-20 Remix
This Is Tektonic Vs Jumping Is Not A Crime CD 2008-07-05 DJ Mix
Jumping Is Not A Crime 2007 - 2 CD 2007 DJ Mix
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