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Sandro Perri

Nombre Real:
Sandro Perri
Electronic and rock musician from Toronto (Canada). He's best known for his work as Polmo Polpo which had his debut in 1999. He was also the lap steel player of Great Lake Swimmers.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
S. Perri
Continuous Dick
Polmo Polpo
Dot Wiggin
Glissandro 70
Great Lake Swimmers
Blake Howard
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Plays Polmo Polpo CD 2006-09-11
Plays Polmo Polpo Vinyl 2006-09-25
European Tour 2007 CDr 2007-04-00
Tiny Mirrors CD 2007
Tiny Mirrors Vinyl 2007-10-09
Impossible Spaces Vinyl 2011-10-18
Impossible Spaces CD 2011-10-18
Love & Light / The Drums Remix EP Vinyl 2012-08-00
Changes Vinyl 2012-06-11
Spaced Out Ep Vinyl 2013
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Acqua / Oarca Vinyl 2001-01-00 Producer
Untitled Vinyl 2000-08-00 Producer
Riva / Rottura Vinyl 2002-03-00 Producer
The Science Of Breath CD 2002-06-22 Music By
Like Hearts Swelling CD 2003-09-22 Performer, Producer, Written-By
Polmo Polpo / Cog Split Vinyl 2000-08-00 Producer
Kiss Me Again And Again CD 2005 Performer, Producer
Like Hearts Swelling Vinyl 2003-09-22 Written-By, Performer, Producer
Kiss Me Again And Again Vinyl 2005 Performer, Producer
Glissandro 70 CD 2006-03-06 Producer, Written-By
Glissandro 70 Vinyl 2006-03-06 Producer, Written-By
Plays Polmo Polpo CD 2006-09-11 Guitar, Vocals, Drums
Plays Polmo Polpo Vinyl 2006-09-25 Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Written-By, Producer
Bodies And Minds CD 2005 Guitar [Lap Steel, Electric]
Live At The Music Gallery CDr 2006 Mastered By
Bodies And Minds CD 2005 Electric Guitar
T-Rex Vinyl 2007-07-00 Producer
Tiny Mirrors CD 2007 Guitar, Keyboards [Keys], Percussion, Vocals
Songbook CD 2006 Instrumentation By
Tiny Mirrors Vinyl 2007-10-09 Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Uphill City CD 2008 Mastered By
Songbook CD 2007-06-22 Instrumentation By
Bodies And Minds Vinyl 2009-11-26 Guitar [Lap Steel, Electric]
Uphill City Vinyl 2008 Mastered By
Bodies And Minds CD 2005 Steel Guitar [Lap]
The Science Of Breath CD Music By
Live Recordings CDr 2005 Mastered By [Compilation]
I Love You, Go Easy CD 2011-05-00 Mixed By
Impossible Spaces Vinyl 2011-10-18 Artwork
Memory Box CDr 2008-12-00 Mastering
OTIR 003 Vinyl 2006 Mixed By
Impossible Spaces CD 2011-10-18 Artwork
Dear Lucille, Talk Soon Aiden / Goodbye Horses (Strong Like Bull And Stew Crookes Honky Step Mix) Vinyl 2010 Mastered By
Guitar & Voice CD 2012-03-16 Mixed By
Guitar & Voice Vinyl 2012-03-06 Mixed By
OTIR 003 CD 2006-04-00 Mixed By, Engineer, Producer
Musique Fragile 02 Vinyl 2012-06-00 Mastered By
Changes Vinyl 2012-06-11 Written-By
I Love You, Go Easy Vinyl 2011-05-00 Mixed By
Long Spun Thread CD 2010 Mixed & Produed By
Eloïse Decazes Et Eric Chenaux Vinyl 2012-09-00 Recorded By, Mixed By
Summer (Moods By Matias Vol. II) CDr 2006 Synthesizer [Moog], Slide Guitar, Other [Space Echo]
Five Song EP From "In The Pines" CD 2012 Mixed By
5 Pieces CD 2009 Mastered By
Songbook CD 2008 Lap Steel Guitar, Recorded By [Lap Steel Guitar]
Touch/Tone CD 2013-09-04 Mastered By
Colours Vinyl 2013 Producer, Mixed By
Braid. Wind Is Coming File 2013-10-17 Mixed By, Mastered By
Touch/Tone Vinyl 2013-11-00 Mastered By
Isla Craig & The Continental Drift CD 2009 Tape Op [Echoplex], Tracking By [Organ Overdubs], Mixed By
Bodies And Minds CD 2005 Electric Guitar
Uphill City Remixes & Collaborations File 2010-03-00 Mastered By
Monody Vinyl 2010 Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
In The Pines CD 2013-08-27 Mixed By
In The Pines Vinyl 2013 Mixed By
Arctic Radio Vinyl 2013 Mixed By
Invocation/Transformations CD 2011-09-06 Mixed By
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