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Gil Matthews

Variaciones de su Nombre:
G. Matthews
Gil "Rats" Matthews
Gil "Ratso" Matthews
Gil 'Rats' Matthews
Gil Mathews
Gill Mathews
Coloured Balls
Levi Smith's Clefs
Max Hamilton & The Impacts
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Endless Winter's Night Vinyl 1976
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Colossus CD 1990 Engineer
Implosion Vinyl 1980 Producer, Engineer
Where Angels Die CD 1996 Mastered By
Blue Sector Vol 2: The Masters Of Melbourne Vinyl 1996 Mastered By
Colossus Vinyl 1978 Producer, Engineer
Cybotron Vinyl 1976 Engineer
Ride To Infinity Vinyl 1979 Producer
Lethal Weapons CD 2007 Remastered By [Digital]
Numerology 1979 - 1982 CD 2007 Remastered By [Digitally Remastered By]
Implosion CD 2005 Drums, Guitar, Keyboards
Ball Power CD 2006 Drums
Colossus Vinyl 1979 Engineer
Encounter / We’ll Be Around Vinyl 1980 Drums, Keyboards
What Goes On CD 1993 Technician [Digital Transfers]
You Know You Know Vinyl 1981 Mastered By [Master Engineering]
Sunday Night At The Total Theatre Cassette 1982 Recorded By
The Lost Souls E.P. Vinyl 1987 Mastered By
Gasoline Baby Vinyl 1996 Mastered By
Pure Silver Vinyl 1978 Arranged By
A Circuit Like Me Vinyl 1980 Producer [Produced With], Engineer
Eat Your Head CD 1997 Mastered By
Back From Beyond Vinyl 1980 Mastered By
Void Spirit Vinyl 1979 Mastered By
Mondo Rock Chemistry Vinyl 1981 Drums [Additional]
The Essential CD 2003-10-31 Drums
Now Listen! The Best Of Ross Wilson CD 2001 Drums
Mondo Rock Chemistry Vinyl 1981 Drums [Additional]
Volcanic Rock CD 2005 Remastered By [Digitally]
Mondo Rock Chemistry CD Remix
Primal Park CD 2009-08-00 Drums
Icarus Vinyl 1981 Engineer
Free Dirt CD 2008-12-01 Remastered By [Digital Remastering By]
Once Upon A Twilight... CD 2006-06-14 Remastered By
Monster Planet Vinyl 1975 Drums, Bass Guitar [Bass Guitars]
21st Century Man Vinyl 1980 Drums
Live CD 2007 Engineer
Live With Dubs CD 2006 Drums [Sudden Electric]
Stillpoint CD 2008 Remastered By
The Complete Havoc Singles: 1971-1973 CD 2008 Remastered By [Digital Remastering]
Stimulation Vinyl 1981 Drums
Live Vinyl 1971 Engineer
The Ballad Of The Metronomes Vinyl 2010 Producer
Only Human CD 2010-02-00 Remastered By
Mondo Rock Chemistry Vinyl 1981 Drums
At Home With You CD 2007 Remastered By
Mondo Rock Chemistry Vinyl 1981 Drums
Planetarium Cassette 1987 Mastered By
The Waterfront Years 1991 - 1993 CD 2010 Remastered By
More Arse Than Class Vinyl 1974 Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Engineer
Star Spangled Banger Vinyl 1973 Producer, Engineer, Effects
Downunda CD 2005 Drums
Lock Up Your Mothers CD 1994 Remastered By [Digital]
Million Dollar Bill Vinyl 1975 Drums, Percussion
21st Century Man Vinyl 1980 Drums
21st Century Man Vinyl 1980 Drums
Part One CD 2007 Remastered By
Eric Gradman Man & Machine CD 2011 Remastered By
Downunda Vinyl 1973 Drums
Albania Cassette 1982 Mastered By
Heavy Metal Kid CD 2006 Drums
More Arse Than Class CD 2006 Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Stimulation Vinyl 1981 Drums
Star Spangled Banger CD 2008 Producer, Engineer, Effects
It's A Kave-In Vinyl 1987 Mastered By
It Ain’t Necessarily So, But It Is…Normie Rowe CD 2012 Remastered By
O Lucky Man Vinyl 1973 Engineer
Morning Of The Earth (Original Film Soundtrack) (40th Anniversary Edition) CD 2012 Remastered By
Just Around Midnight Vinyl 1972 Producer, Arranged By
Mondo Rock Chemistry Vinyl 1982 Drums [Additional]
Mondo Rock Chemistry Vinyl 1981 Drums [Additional]
Stimulation Vinyl 1981 Drums
Live CD 2004 Engineer
Lost CD 2013 Remastered By
Colossus Cassette 1978 Producer, Engineer
The Big Beat Vinyl 1976 Producer, Engineer
Monster Planet CD 2013 Drums, Bass
Monster Planet Vinyl 2013 Drums, Bass
The Loner CD 2013 Remastered By [From Vinyl]
Play Hard Go Fast CD 2010 Remastered By
Live At The Green Man Vinyl 1978 Recorded By, Mixed By
Paradise Volume One CD 2009 Remastered By
Stimulation Cassette 1981 Drums
Heavy Metal Kid Vinyl 2014 Remastered By
Void Spirit CDr Mastered By
Back From Beyond CDr Mastered By
Cybotron CDr Engineer
Live With Dubs Vinyl 1980 Drums [Sudden Electric]
Cybotron Vinyl 2014 Engineer
Cybotron CD 2014 Engineer