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Alessandra Mirka Gatti

Nombre Real:
Alessandra Gatti
Italian songwriter, vocalist and producer. She was born in Quistello, Mantua on November 19th 1969. Her musical career started in mid 80's. In 1990 she was co-founding A.Beat-C. label. She was married to Giancarlo Pasquini and together they have a child named Federico who under the alias of Freddy Rodgers released two songs in 2005. In 2003 sometime after her divorce with Giancarlo Pasquini. Gatti started her own label (D1Style) but in 2004 she sang a song with SCP Music called "Fuku Wa Uchi!" In late November-early December of 2005 Domino signed back with ABeatC and returned to writing, singing and co-producing. In 2006 she departed A.Beat-C. with Sandro Oliva and created a new label called GoGo's Music.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
A. Gatti
Ale Gatti
Alessandra Gatti
Domino (2)
Domino (2)
Eskimo (4)
Juliet (3)
Paula Roberts
94 Sale
A-Beat Friends
ABeat Sisters
ABeatC All Stars
Bella & Blue
Dave & Domino
Domino & Aki
Domino & Co.
Fun Four
Go Go Girls
Groove Twins
King & Queen
Salt & Pepper
SEB All Stars
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Big Brother Vinyl 1988 Backing Vocals [Background]
Big Brother Vinyl 1988 Backing Vocals
Cernobyl Vinyl 1987 Vocals
Flashback Vinyl 1991 Vocals [Uncredited]
Dance With Me Vinyl 1988 Backing Vocals [Uncredited]
S.O.S. Vinyl 1987 Chorus
Next To Me Vinyl 1987 Vocals [Sensual Vox By]
Let's Go, Come On / Shock Me / Here I Am / Superfantastico Vinyl 2004-09-08 Written-By
It's A Miracle Vinyl 1993 Vocals [Uncredited]
Action Vinyl 1992 Vocals [Uncredited]
I Love Your Body Vinyl 1993 Vocals [Uncredited]
Para Para Vinyl 1994 Vocals [Uncredited]
Success Vinyl 1994 Written-By
I Love Disco Dance / Under Presser Vinyl 1994 Written-By
He Hey Dancing Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Ya Ya Ya Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Para Para (Remix) Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Spinning Like A Top Vinyl 1997 Vocals [Uncredited]
Red Money / Life Is Life Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Gimme 5 Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Gotcha! Vinyl 2001 Written-By
Ready For You Vinyl 1993 Vocals [Uncredited]
Beat Beat Freak Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Valentino Mon Amour Vinyl 1993 Vocals [Uncredited]
Super Eurobeat Presents Go Go Girls Special Collection Vol.2 File 2009-05-27 Vocals [Uncredited]
Super Eurobeat Presents Domino Special Collection Vol.1 File 2008-11-25 Vocals
The Call Of Love Vinyl 1989 Vocals [Uncredited]
Love Bang Bang Vinyl 1995 Vocals [Uncredited]
Love And Fantasy Vinyl 1990 Vocals [Uncredited]
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