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Andrea Leonardi

Nombre Real:
Andrea Leonardi
Andrea Leonardi was born 26 April 1967 in Milan and is an Italian Eurobeat/Hyper Techno producer. He has produced a countless number of tracks for the Japanese Dance market. He's the founder and owner of the dance music record label SinclaireStyle. Leonardi is also known as a Heavy Metal and Rock producer as he's the producer of the band Bulldozer.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
A. Leonardi
Andrea Lonardo Martini
Bratt Sinclaire
Back To Mars
Newfield & Sinclaire
Rodgers, Contini & Sinclaire
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Hot Vinyl 2004-07-01 Written-By
Hot Fire Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Oh Oh Oh Girls Are Dancing Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Tango Tango Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Welcome To The Jungle Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Get Away Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Mine Is Your Love Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Let Me Go Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Forever Young Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Occasional Dream Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Black Night Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Domino Dancing Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Goodbye Japan Vinyl 1997 Written-By
Up & Down Vinyl 1992 Written-By
King And Queen Vinyl 1992 Written-By
You Really Got Me Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Crazy For You Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Night Of Fire Vinyl 1997 Written-By
In The Heat Of The Night Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Boom Boom Fire (Remix) Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Push Push Ballerina / Never Give Up Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Too Young To Fall In Love Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Stop The Lightning Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Rocking Romance Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Lesson To Love Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Black Rain Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Hot 'N' Ready Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Because I Feel Vinyl 1999 Written-By
Action Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Boom Boom DJ Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Boom Boom Fire Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Demolition Man / Dance The Nation Vinyl 1993 Written-By
If You Leave Me Now Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Rocky Dance Vinyl 1997 Written-By
You Really Got Me (Remix) Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Sleep In Your Arms / Your Love Vinyl 1995 Written-By
State Of The Nation / Rockbeat Power / The Loving Thing / Come On! Vinyl 2002 Written-By
I'm A Dee Jay Vinyl 1992 Written-By
F.A.Y. Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Time To Dance Vinyl 1994 Written-By
You And Me / Ticket To Ride Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Up Down Up Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Spark In The Dark Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Babe C'mon / Money For Nothing Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Suspicious / In The Name Of Love Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Girls On Film Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Feel The Passion Vinyl 1993 Written-By
TNT / Full Power Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Tonight Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Lay Your Hands On Me Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Heartbeat Vinyl 1997 Written-By
Say You Will Vinyl 1997 Written-By
When I Close My Eyes Vinyl 1997 Written-By
Turbo Lover Vinyl 1992 Written-By
I Love Disco Dance / Under Presser Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Endless Love Vinyl 1996 Written-By
How Deep Is Your Love Vinyl 1993 Written-By
He Hey Dancing Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Up All Night Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Rock Me Babe Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Dog Eat Dog Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Tora Tora Tora Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Sweet Heaven Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Foxy Lady Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Taste Of Love Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Take Me To The Top Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Baby Queen Seventeen Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Super Eurobeat Vol. 112 CD 2000-10-25 Written-By
Help Me To Say Goodbye Vinyl 1996 Written-By
1 For The Money 2 For The Show / We Came For The Rock Vinyl 1999 Written-By
Captain America / Lover Boy Vinyl 1998 Written-By
One More Night Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Sunny Sunny Lady / Nobody's Perfect Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Come Back / So Much In Love Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Max Power / Breaking The Law Vinyl 2000-08-00 Written-By
Stop The Fire Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Money Go! (Remix) Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Big Desire Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Speedway Vinyl 2000 Written-By
Show No Mercy Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Heart & Body Vinyl 1991 Written-By
Over The Top Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Love In Chinatown / Highway Star Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Big Bang Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Electric Power Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Love As A Weapon Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Black Jack Fever Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Run Run To Me Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Fight Fire With Fire Vinyl 1996 Written-By
Made Of Fire / Night Of Fire Vinyl 1999 Written-By
You Can Do Magic Vinyl 1994 Written-By
No One Sleep In Tokyo Vinyl 1998 Written-By
Drift Of The Wind CD 2008-12-17 Lyrics By
Radio Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Yesterday Vinyl 1996 Written-By
I Was Made For You Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Tokyo Tokyo Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Super Eurobeat Presents Niko Special Collection File 2008-11-25 Written-By
Hi-Voltage Vinyl 1995 Written-By
Behind You Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Valentino Mon Amour Vinyl 1993 Written-By
You Really Got Me CD 1992-05-21 Written-By
Gimme All Your Love Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Lost In The Time Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Dollar In My Pocket Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Unexpected Fate CD 2009 Producer
When People Come Together Vinyl 2010-07-00 Mastered By
Unexpected Fate CD 2009-05-00 Producer
Atomic Playboy Vinyl 1992 Written-By
Unexpected Fate Vinyl 2009 Producer
Noise Maker Vinyl 1994 Written-By
Love For Sale Vinyl 1996 Written-By
You Really Got Me CD 1992-05-21 Written-By
Unexpected Fate CD 2010 Producer
Mega Love Vinyl 1993 Written-By
Unexpected Fate CD 2011-05-26 Producer
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