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Martin Verlaan

Martin Verlaan is the author of Martmixes, the mix music studio project from Holland. His work is distinguished by a unique mixing style, unexpected blending of songs and an unusually wide range of tempo in one program. Martmixes are extremely well arranged, the job is done in the distinctive Dutch mega-mixing style: a kicker-intro (usually a vocoder) and an eclectic selection of favorite songs of the year. Martin was among the first mixers in Holland who used a PC and Cool Edit ™ software, and as the result of his innovations he is able to compile very stylish, suave and delightful mixes. Martin also recorded a very successful commercial mix for Hypersound Productions, the company headed by Humphrey Robertson (a composer / producer from Switzerland known for his work with Cyber People, Digitronic, Private Movies, Sharon, Veronique etc.)
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Hypersound Megamix Volume 1 CD 2001 Dj Mix [Megamix]
Hypersound Megamix Volume 2 CD 2003 Dj Mix [Megamix]
Space Holidays Vol. 1 File 2008 DJ Mix [Megamix]
Spacesound Records Megamix Vol. 1 File 2008 Dj Mix [Megamix]
Italo Disco DJ-Mix Vol.1 CD 2004 Remix
My Megamix CD 2004 Mixed By
Alpha Centauri Megamix Vol.1 File 2005 DJ Mix
Tha Gangsta Mix CD 2005 Mixed By
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