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Luther "Sonny" Craven

US jazz trombonist from the swing-era.
Variaciones de su Nombre:
Luthen "Sonny" Craven
Luther Craven
Luther Graven
Luther Sonny Cravent
Lutter Graven
Sonny Craven
Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra
Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra
Título Formato Lanzamiento Rol
Memorial Vinyl 1971 Trombone
The Quintessence . New York Chicago Hollywood Los Angeles 1930 - 1944 CD 1995 Trombone
Jazz & Blues Collection Vol. 4 CD 1995 Trombone
Armstrong For Ever, Vol. 1 Vinyl 1972 Trombone
Time For Jazz Again Vinyl 1974 Trombone
Jazzin' Again With Armstrong Vinyl Trombone
Wise Woman Blues Vinyl 1984 Trombone
Steppin' Out (1942-1944) Vinyl 1980 Trombone
The Big Band Recordings 1930-1932 CD 2000 Trombone
In Concert Vinyl 1975 Trombone
Wise Woman Blues Vinyl Trombone