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German subdivision of EMI Records from 1972 to 2002, responsible holding company of the [b][l=EMI Electrola][/b] trademark/label. The EMI Electrola GmbH was founded late in 1972, but the history of name started 47 years before. The Gramophone Company founded the [l=Electrola Gesellschaft m.b.H.] (Electrola GmbH) in 1925 in Berlin. In 1931 Electrola GmbH started a Joint Venture with the [l=Carl Lindström A.-G.] - renamed to [l=Carl Lindström GmbH] in 1951. Also in 1931 the parent companies - [l=The Gramophone Co. Ltd.] and [l=Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd.] - merged into the [l=Electric & Musical Industries Ltd.] (EMI). In 1953 the two german EMI subsidiaries moved to Cologne and twenty years later the [l=Carl Lindström GmbH] merged with Electrola GmbH into the [b]EMI Electrola GmbH[/b]. 2002 was a year of reorganisation within the German EMI companies. [l=EMI Electrola GmbH & Co. KG] merged with the [l=Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG] and formed [l=EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG]. [b]This is a company profile, please use this page only as 2nd label on releases with the appearance of "EMI Electrola GmbH", where appropriate. For "EMI Electrola"-branded releases (1972-2002), use [l=EMI Electrola]. For "ELECTROLA"-branded EMI releases use [l=Electrola]. For "Columbia"-branded EMI releases (usually 1952-1972) use [l=Columbia].[/b] Don't submit releases without the proper label (brand). It's recommended to add the labelcode (LC) to the identifiers and all company info (P&C etc.) in the release notes field. Labels handled by EMI Electrola GmbH were: [l=EMI] (LC 0542) [l=Electrola] (LC 0193) [l=Deutsche Harmonia Mundi] (LC 0761) [l=Spin Records] (LC 3005) [l=Welt-Rekord] (LC 7060) [l=Harvest] (LC 1305) [l=Capitol Records] (LC 0148) [l=Private Stock Records] (LC 3475) [l=Arista] (LC 3484) etc. [b]For adding a company (manufacturer/distributor/marketer) according to Discogs guidelines to releases prior to 1972 please use EMI Electrola GmbH's predecessor [l=Electrola Gesellschaft m.b.H.] when appropriate.[/b]

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