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Iberofon, S.A.


Spanish vinyl and cassette manufacturer. As label known as [l=Iberofon]. Founded in 1959, it became a mastering studio, metal-plating plant, and manufacturer of vinyl records by 1963. Cassette production started by the end of the 1960's. First Spanish plant pressing CDs in 1987. Cut the lacquers for [l=Eurogram, S.A.] since 1988, after the integration of PolyGram Servicios into Eurogram. Identifiable by 850 in the runouts. Bought by [l353658] in 2006 and renamed to [l265781]. Closed down in March 2014. Sister company [l=Ibermemory, S.A.], for CDs.

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Iberofón, S.A. Avda Fuentemar, 35 Poligono Industrial de Coslada 28820 Coslada Madrid - Spain Older adress: Av. De Valladolid, 63 Madrid - Spain

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