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RCA Ltd.


UK manufacturing, distributing and legal company entity for RCA releases, often listed as "RCA Limited, Record Division, England". Sometimes also listed as "RCA Ltd. Record Division", "RCA Great Britain Limited" or "RCA (UK) Ltd". [b](Please make sure to use the appropriate RCA record label with this entity)[/b] RCA's UK Record Division operated from RCA House in Curzon Street, London. Their UK pressings contracted mainly to [l=EMI Records Ltd.] and in the late 1960s to [l=CBS Pressing Plant, Aston Clinton]. They opened their own plant in Washington, County Durham, in May 1970 - usually signified by a 'W' in a runout.

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RCA Limited, Record Division, RCA House, Curzon Street, London W1. (Also, from 7th May 1970) RCA Ltd. Record Division Manufacturing Plant Washington, County Durham, England.

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