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Hispavox, S.A.


Spanish record company which was established on June 27th, 1957 by José Manuel Vidal-Zapater. It owned the [l13104] label and distributed in Spain many pop & jazz foreign labels ([l25693], [l=Asylum Records], [l=CTI Records], [l=Elektra], [l26557], [l=Reprise Records], [l1058], [l8708], [l1000]...). They also worked as a manufacturer, pressing releases for labels like [l=Belter]. It had its own recording studios ([l352153]), pressing plant, offices, printing plant (Hispavox, S.A., Marcenado, 22. Madrid, Spain), publishing section ([l406710]) and cassette duplication operation at Torrelaguna, 102. The company and label were acquired by EMI in 1985.

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[obsolete] Hispavox, S.A. Torrelaguna, 102 (from 1975 to 1982) Torrelaguna, 64 (from 1982 onwards) Madrid-27 Spain Phone: 341-415 2304 Telex: 22931 / 46859 Older address (until 1975): Hispavox, S.A. Cartagena, 62 y 64 Madrid Spain Phone: 256 5700

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