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Greek pressing plant (now defunct). Started manufacturing records in 1974 and by that period were the second biggest pressing plant, after [l=Columbia Gramophone Company Greece Ltd.], in Greece. Since 1991, when the Greek EMI-Columbia factory ceased its operations, Fabelsound became the leading audio-visual manufacturing company in Greece. Before its bankruptcy in 2011, Fabelsound had pressed LPs, CDs, Cassettes & DVDs for all the major labels, and also a significant part of the CDs & DVDs which were released through local magazines and journals. Vinyl records pressed by Fabelsound often have an [b]f[/b], [b]F[/b], [b]FS[/b], [b]FN[/b] or [b]YGOX[/b] etched in the runout grooves.

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(For reference only) 2nd km Koropi-Vari Avenue Industrial Area Koropi Municipality PO BOX 167, KOROPI 19400 Tel.: 2711888 Fax: +30 - 210 - 2719876, 2719877 E-mail: info@fabelsound.gr

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