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Sony/ATV Music Publishing is a music publishing company co-owned by The Michael Jackson Family Trust and Sony Corporation. In December 1995, [l269065] was merged with [l189548] and renamed Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The company became the second largest music publisher in the world. 1955 - Lew Grade founds Associated Television (ATV). 1957 - ATV acquires Pye Records as a wholly owned subsidiary. 1957 - ATV Music Publishing is created to exploit the songs owned by ATV. 1968 - ATV Music and Lew Grade acquire the rights to the Lennon??McCartney song catalogue, Northern Songs. 1985 - ATV Music Publishing and Pye Records are put up for sale. They are bought Robert Holmes à Court. 1985 - ATV Music Publishing and its assets, Pye Records and Northern Songs, are again put up for sale. Singer Michael Jackson acquires them for $47.5 million. 1995 - Jackson merges ATV Music Publishing with Sony Music Publishing. He earns $90 million in the venture. May 2001 - Jackson declares that The Beatles' songs "will never be for sale". November 2001 - Sony/ATV Music Publishing acquires Tony Martin's Baby Mae Music catalogue of 600 songs. July 2002 - Sony/ATV Music Publishing buys country music publisher Acuff-Rose for $157 million. The venture includes publishing rights to 55,000 songs. 2007 - Sony/ATV Music Publishing acquires Famous Music, a music publishing business with song catalogue of more than 125,000 songs. Name variations: - Sony / ATV - Sony / ATV Music - Sony ATV Music Publishing - Sony/ATV Music - Sony/ATV Music Publishing - Sony / ATV Music Pub. - Sony/ATV Music Pub. - Sony Atv Music Publishing

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Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC 550 Madison Ave, 5th Floor New York, NY 10022 USA Phone: +1-(212) 833-7730 E-Mail:

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