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Mastering Studios located in London, UK. Formerly known as [l=Copymasters]. If indeed credited as an artist, please use [a1134833]. Engineers known to have worked at Masterpiece, along with their signatures often found in the runout grooves: [a=Beau Thomas] (BEAU) [a=Danny King] (D JAY or DJAY) [a=Dave W.] (DAVE W) [a=Greg Moore (4)] (GREG) [a622686] (JA) [a=Neil Devine] (NEIL) [a=Mike Palmer] (MIKE) [a=Miles Showell] (MILES) [a=Simon Francis] (SI) [a=Stuart Hawkes] (Stu.) [a=Tim Dennen] (Tim D.) [a=Walter Coelho] (Wally C.) [a=Tony Dixon] [a=Andy Pearce] [a=George Lambert]

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20, The Tailina Centre, Bagleys Lane, London, SW6 2BW Tel.: 020 7731 3443

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