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Warner Music Manufacturing Europe (WME/WMME) was Warner Music's European CD/DVD manufacturing company, located in Alsdorf near Aachen, Germany. Until 1991, the plant in Alsdorf was known as [l264652]. In 2003, WMME was acquired by Cinram International Inc. and became [l528185]. [b]Important note on CDs[/b]. The Warner 'big w' logo when presented in the matrix of a CD is not indicative of the CD being pressed by WMME. It's just an indicator that the CD is a pressing of a Warner related artist. When [l528185] continued production at this plant in 2003, they also continued the practice of including the 'big w' logo on Warner related releases. CDs mastered by [l528185] in Germany can normally be identified by the inclusion of a suffix of one letter and two numbers following the main matrix string. In the following example, there is also a further three digit code: 256468068-3 [b]V01 DTD[/b]. Vinyls pressed by WMME usually have 'WMME Alsdorf' engraved in the runout groove. CD matrix appears as WME or WMME.

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Warner Music Manufacturing Europe (WMME) [OLD] Cinram GmbH [NEW] Max-Planck-Straße 1-9 D-52477 Alsdorf Telefon: +49.2404.58.0 Telefax: +49.2404.58.111

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