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Motown Record Corporation


[b]Note: this is a company only, not a label. Use only for phonographic copyright, copyright, distributed by, and similar credits.[/b] Sometimes also written like: Motown Record Corp. or Motown Record Corp or Trademark Motown Record Corporation Parent corporation of the labels - [l1723] - [l6200] - [l21707] - [l44480] - [l60063] - [l35793] - [l35444] - [l56689] - [l74828] - [l68899] - [l163953] - [l53142] - [l111628] - [l201067] which became [l290260] - Divinity - Workshop Jazz and its international brand [l33859], thought all except Motown and MoJazz had been phased out by 1986. Sometime U.S. distributor of [l11717], [l28418], Gull, Manticore. Usually abbreviated to Motown Record Corp. on labels. Succeeded in 1988 by Motown Record Company, L.P.

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