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CBS Records Canada Ltd.


The Canadian branch of Columbia Records/CBS Records, operating under this name from 1976 until 1990 (previous name [l89620], between 1954-1976, later name [l23526], since 1991). Headquartered in Don Mills, Toronto since 1960 where also a vinyl pressing plant was in operation from 1971 until 1988. These pressings can be identified by the "DM" (Don Mills) in the runout. [b]NOTE: On most Canadian releases, the company name appears in both English and in French (CBS Disques Canada Ltee), but some Francophone releases will only have the French name of the label on them. In these cases, please use CBS Records Canada Ltd. and make a note of the company name on the release.[/b] Trademark owner "Epic". Also referred to as "CBS Records Canada, Ltd." and "CBS Canada Ltd.".

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CBS Records Canada, Ltd. 1121 Leslie St. Don Mills Ontario, M3C 2J9 Canada

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