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Reprise Records was formed in late 1959 by [a=Frank Sinatra] in order to allow more 'artistic freedom' for his own recordings. Fellow "Rat Pack" members [a=Dean Martin] and [a=Sammy Davis Jr.] also moved to the label. Reprise was sold to [l=Warner Bros. Records] in 1960, making it the parent company for the label ever since. Reprise is still operated with artistic control for its artists in mind, though it has had expanded responsibilities as a distributor for other [l=Warner Music Group] labels at times (i.e. [l=Sire Records Company], [l=Tommy Boy Music]). Reprise releases have some distinct label features - in order of occurrence: ? 3-color (green quadrant above yellow) 'steamboat' label. Also 'Pop series' with Reprise descriptor in a hatched black rectangle. Warner Bros. Records Inc text at foot. (Pye distributed in UK prior to CBS). (Also note use of same Pye Tri-label for post-Pye, using a black overstamp on Pye data: [url=]Pye Tri (1968)[/url] vs [url=]Overstamped Tri (1969)[/url] ? 3-color (mauve quadrant above yellow) after Pye departure. ? 2-color (orange segment above yellow) 'steamboat' in orange field, with Warner 7Arts 'W' & Reprise circular logos. Reprise Records a division of Warner Bros. Seven Arts text. (circa early 1969) ? 1-color (tan label) 'steamboat' at top, beside Reprise logo in square red box. Reprise Records a division of Warner Bros. text (circa 1971). Outside US a 'K' (for Kinney) cat# prefix may appear. ? 1-color (tan label) as above but 3300 Warner Blvd & Warner Comms text - that includes a small black 'W' (in lozenge) logo (effected in 1974). For an overview check the given links from vinylbeat and bsnpubs below. Label code in Europe: LC 0322 Please beware when dealing with early 1990's promotional CDs from Reprise Records without front sleeves. They often have a generic copyright year of "©1990" in spite of the releases often not being written until some years after. This seems to be an issue with promotional CDs from 1991 to 1995.

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