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Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs


Philadelphia based mastering studios. From the early 1970s there were two branches of Frankford/Wayne; one in Philadelphia, and one in New York ([l=Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs]). [a=Tom Steele] started Frankford/Wayne with partner [a=Wayne Wilfong] in his parents' basement in the Frankford area of Philadelphia, PA. By the mid-1960s, Frankford/Wayne was sharing a space with [l=Sigma Sound Studios] in the Center City downtown area of Philadelphia. During the 1970s they both opened separate New York City branches; [l=Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs] and [l=Sigma Sound Studios, New York]. Tom Steele had operations in Philadelphia and New York until 1986 and then worked out of just New York for another seven years. In 1993 he retired from Frankford/Wayne, which his daughter now operates. Known to have mastered for [l11910]

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