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[b]Casablanca Record And Filmworks, Inc.[/b], from Los Angeles, California, was the successor of [l=Casablanca Records, Inc.] in 1977, when the company merged with Filmworks, Inc. (a small film production company headed by Peter Guber), and renaming itself. Please only use this in the company/copyright fields. For the label, use what is displayed, either [l=Casablanca Record And Filmworks] or [l=Casablanca Records]. Can also be printed as Casablanca Record & FilmWorks, Inc., Casablanca Record & Film-Works, Inc. or some other similar alternative. With Guber in charge of the new film division, Casablanca co-produced the films [i]The Deep[/i], the Oscar-winning [i]Midnight Express[/i] ([a=Giorgio Moroder] won an Academy Award for Best Original Score) and the now-cult classic disco movie [i]Thank God It's Friday[/i] with Columbia Pictures. Neil Bogart sold his remaining interests in the label to Dutch-German multinational record company [l=PolyGram] (which had purchased 50% of the label three years earlier) in 1980 after financial difficulties and poor sales performance seriously drained the company. Bogart soon after launched a new independent label, [l=Boardwalk Records], but soon became ill. He died of cancer on May 8, 1982. That same year, PolyGram bought [l=20th Century Fox Records] and merged its catalog into Casablanca, moving [a=Leon Haywood], [a=Carl Carlton] and [a=Stephanie Mills] onto the label. The label stopped releasing new material (apart from movie soundtrack albums and later [a=Animotion] releases) in 1984. In 1986 it was phased out completely, although the brand kept appearing on catalog reissues. As its replacement, Mercury Record Productions, Inc. revived [l=Wing Records]. In 2000, the name was revived for a joint venture between [l=Universal Music Group] and [a=Tommy Mottola]. In a [i]Billboard[/i] article, Mottola said that he chose the name as an homage to the original label, but that there was no direct connection between the old and new labels. The present-day [b]Casablanca Records[/b] is a part of [l=Universal Motown] Records Group. Labelcode: LC 3272

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8255 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, Ca. 90046

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