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Play It Again Sam [PIAS]


PIAS, short for Play It Again Sam, was an independent company based in Brussels. The company is active now since 2007 as Belgian division [l57846] of the [l142816]. Founded by Kenny Gates and Michel Lambot in 1982 originally to import records into Belgium. Later with sales and distribution offices in the Netherlands, UK, France and Germany as well as local offices in Spain, Austria and the US. [b]Current foreign divisions:[/b] PIAS America, PIAS Australia, PIAS France, PIAS Germany, PIAS Holland, PIAS Japan, Pias Spain, PIAS UK [b]Defunct foreign divisions:[/b] Play It Again Sam Records USA (operated in the late 1980s in partnership with [l=Wax Trax! Records]) [b]Current sub-labels:[/b] Different Recordings, Waxedsoul Recordings [b]Defunct sub-labels:[/b] LD Records, Scarface Note: Releases with a [PIAS] Recordings logo should use [l61218] as label. Releases with a Play It Again Sam Records logo should use [l87664] as label. [b]Labelcode: LC 7800 / LC 07800[/b]

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PIAS Belgium 100 Rue de Veeweyde B 1070 Brussels tel: +32 2 558 58 11 fax: +32 2 558 58 86 e-mail: [obsolete] Play it again,Sam! Rue de Cureghem 67 B-1000 Brussels Belgium

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