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Sony Music Entertainment (Australia) Limited


[b]PLEASE NOTE: Sony Music Entertainment (Australia) Limited is not a label but a company, and should NOT be tagged as Label on submissions.[/b] Record company. Active under this name from February 23, 1995 until February 2004. Based in Sydney, Australia. [b]Important note:[/b] [i]Earlier releases:[/i] Releases between September 1938 and October 1953 belong to Australian Record Company Pty. Ltd. Releases between October 1953 and October 16, 1977 belong to [l106824] Releases between October 17, 1977 and January 10, 1991 belong to [l157083] Releases between January 11, 1991 and February 22, 1995 belong to [l182969] [i]Later releases:[/i] Releases from March 2004 to 2009 belong to [l=Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited] Releases from 2009 belong to [l213298].

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