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Capitol Records-EMI Of Canada Limited


Canadian branch of Capitol Records and EMI. Renamed to [l=EMI Music Canada] in the early 1990s. Moved into the 3109 American Drive, Mississauga, Ontario offices in 1967. A vinyl pressing plant was opened next door to the offices June 7, 1976. Records pressed at this plant are identified by a Capitol Records "target" logo machine stamped in the deadwax/runoff (picture provided under "more images"). Note: some Francophone releases will only have the French name of the label (Disques Capitol-EMI Du Canada Limitée) on them. In these cases, please use Capitol Records-EMI Of Canada Limited and make a note of the company name on the release. History: 1947 - 1954 [l=Capitol Records Of Canada, Ltd.] 1954 - 1958 [l=Capitol Records Distributors Of Canada, Ltd.] 1958 - 1966 [l=Capitol Records Of Canada, Ltd.] 1966 - 1974 [l=Capitol Records (Canada) Ltd.] 1974 - 1993 [l=Capitol Records-EMI Of Canada Limited] a.k.a. [l=Capitol Records-EMI Of Canada] 1993 - xxxx [l=EMI Music Canada]

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3109 American Drive Mississauga, ON Canada L4V 1B2

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