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The Mastering Lab


The Mastering Lab is a mastering studio established in 1967 by audio engineer [a=Doug Sax] in Hollywood, California. It is now in Ojai, California. The Mastering Lab used three different lathes to cut records: two Scully lathes indicated by the letters TML-M and TML-S, and a Neumann lathe indicated by the letters TML-X. Engineers known to have worked here: [a454007] [a367446] [a417559] Known to have mastered for; [l4898] [l904]

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911 Bryant Place Ojai, CA 93023 Phone: (805) 640-2900 Fax: (805) 640-2901 Email: formerly: 6033 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90028 Telephone: HO 6-8589

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