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London based CD & vinyl mastering studio, founded on 21-Feb-96 by Laura Dority and Ronald Garrity. Defunct since the end of 2008. Formerly known as the following businesses: Heathmans Mastering Ltd (28-Apr-00 to 2009) [l=Tape To Tape] Limited (10-Oct-96 to 27-Apr-00) Shibumi Management Limited (27-Mar-86 to 09-Oct-96) Rapid 706 Limited (21-Feb-86 to 26-Mar-86) [i]Short list of its vinyl mastering engineers:[/i] [a379271] aka Sh@ne [a354214] - Usually signs his laquer cuts with "Chris A". [a622686] / 'Jacko' [a379616] [a=Beau Thomas] [a=Dick Beetham] [a=Pete Norman] CD mastering engineers included: [a444403] [a=Dennis Smith (2)] [a=Rob Thomas (4)] [a=Dave Turner] Studio Manager for the vinyl mastering was Natasha Bicknell, found on many runouts as "NATS". Studio Manager for the CD mastering and duplication was Susana Martinez.

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(obsolete) 19 Heathmans Road London, SW6 4TJ UK GEO: 51.473876 , -0.202829 Tel: +44 020 7371 0978 Fax: +44 020 7371 9360

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