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Pressing Plant/Manufacturer in Los Angeles California. [b]-Identifying CD's Pressed At: Allied Record Company-[/b] CD's pressed at Allied will have an ARC in the matrix. If there is both ARC and SRC, then the CD was pressed at Allied but the glass master came from [l=Specialty Records Corporation]. For mid-90's: CD's with an [url=]Allied Record Company logo[/url] means the glass master also came from Allied Record Company in the mid 90's before the plant was renamed around 1997. [b]-Identifying Records Pressed At: Allied Record Company-[/b] Records pressed here can be identified by the Allied [url=]topless lowercase '?' logo[/url] stamped in the runout groove area. A manufacturer matrix number usually follows the logo (B-00000 on LP/12" and R-00000 on 7", or K-00000 on 7" circa 1975). The processing of lacquer disc 'metalwork' / 'plating' was often subcontracted out to [l264158] and is denoted by a "SLM ? 00000" / "SLM ? 00000-X" etching in the matrix/runout area (...sometimes appears without the SLM part). NOTE: [url=]the Allied machine stamped logo[/url] in the runout etchings can be easily mistaken for a "Q" or a "Ω", but is actually the lower case '?' Additionally identification can be made as follows; 1.) A lone "A" embossed in the label area like this would indicate it was pressed at [l211933]. 2.) An "E A S T" embossed around the center hole like this would indicate it was pressed at Specialty Records Corporation (sourced from metal parts that were originally made for use at Allied Record Company based on the etchings). NOTE that usually the "T" is the most visible, sometimes the only really visible letter.[l27576] Some Atlantic/Warner Bros. related releases (including sublabels and partner labels) with often have an "-AR" at the end of the printed matrix numbers on the center labels indicating Allied Record Company as the pressing plant. [b]-Identifying Cassettes Manufactured At: Allied Record Company-[/b] Cassettes made at Allied will have an 'AR' printed on the cassette itself like in [url=]this example[/url] (as opposed to a printed 'SR' on the cassette which would be for [url=]Specialty Records Corporation[/url]). [b]-History-[/b] This plant was originally the first of two pressing plants owned by [l123125] (Allied Record Manufacturing Company was bought by Precision Radiation Instruments (PRI) in 1961). [b]Allied Record Company[/b] was formed & (re)established in 1962 when Draken Broadhead (former owner of [l123125]) bought back the Allied name, this one pressing plant* and 'Allied Record Sales' from [url=]Tops Records'[/url] parent company [url=]P.R.I. (Precision Radiation Instruments)[/url] *(the other former Allied Record Manufacturing Company pressing plant in Belleville N.J. remained under PRI's ownership.) Allied Record Company remained an independent pressing plant until it was purchased by Warner Communications Inc. in 1979, becoming a branch of WEA Manufacturing Inc. The Allied Record Company / ARC name was phased out by WEA at the end of 1996.

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6110 Peachtree St Los Angeles, CA 90040 USA (213) 685-5890 TWX 910-580-4731

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