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Full legal name: [b]EFA Medien Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung Tonträger Produktion, Vertrieb + Verlag[/b] Incorporated: 86/07/17 Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 36788; deleted 93/04/20. registered: 92/12/17 Amtsgericht Göttingen HRB 2270; dissolved 12/10/26. EFA stands for 'Energie Für Alle' (Energy For All). Founded in 1982 in Hamburg as a distribution network for the independent label scene, EFA started out in Germany but had a number of labels from other countries in their stable as well. 1993 the headquarter moved from Hamburg to Friedland. The company went bankrupt in spring 2004 and doesn't exist anymore. Distribution deals with: (i.a.) [l80963] Distributed labels: (i.a.) [l25914], [l7654], [l74333], [l15884], [l14211], [l23564] Label Code: [b]LC 6110[/b]/[b]LC 06110[/b]

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!obsolete! EFA Medien GmbH Billwerder Neuer Deich 72 D-20539 Hamburg, Germany e-mail: hamburg@efa-medien.de Fon +49-(0)40-789 170 0, Fax +49-(0)40-78 27 83 Administration: EFA Medien GmbH Hauptstraße 19 D-37133 Friedland, Germany e-mail: friedland@efa-medien.de Fon +49-(0)5509-92 66 0 Fax +49-(0)5509-92 66 22

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