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Frank Zappa??s home recording studio ??Utility Muffin Research Kitchen?. (Also referred to as "UMRK, Hollywood" or "UMRK Central"). This facility is strongly featured in FZs work, not only for recording but for remixes, overdubbing, etc. [b]For the remote facility use: [l415278][/b] The acronym "UMRK" features in Zappa's mobile/remote recording facility title "UMRK Mobile" (Originally the remote facility of The Beach Boys). Zappa's last recording outside of UMRK was [m35995], before the Rudy Brewer designed UMRK studio was completed in FZ's basement in 1979. One of the first recordings to emerge was [m35934], originally begun at [l266828] with [a215925]. [a385569] was the first engineer employed by FZ to sit at the UMRK console. Much of UMRK was rebuilt in 1980 by engineer [a=Dave Dondorf]. Other than Zappa works, one of the first recordings to come from the updated studio was by Zappa personnel in the form of [a114979]. Zappa continued to evolve the UMRK studio with the latest technology, right up until his death. Even in sickness he didn't have far to go to make good music, working at UMRK to the last - with groups such as The Chieftains ( [r2345332] ) and his teenage hero [a18981], an event that was featured in a BBC TV documentary. With [a237886] now firmly at the helm in the UMRK the studio continues at the cutting edge, with FZ's past equipment being uncovered and a rebuilding process being undertaken to get material catalogued. Dweezil has even uncovered [a=Paul Buff]'s console from the days of [l=Pal Recording Studio] that became [l=Studio Z]. The vaults of the UMRK are much the domain of 'The Vaultmeister' [a=Joe Travers], with engineering at UMRK by the likes of [a147452], [a379985], [a260743], [a694032], etc.

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7885 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Los Angeles, CA., USA

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