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Polish CD/DVD/cassette manufacturing company. If the TAKT logo is mentioned in the matrix along with the URL [l=www.takt.eu] or [l=www.takt.com.pl], please add both entries to the LCCN section in separate fields. Full company name: TAKT Sp. z o.o. Mastering SID Codes include: L357 & LK96 to LK99 Mould SID Code prefix: 9R PLEASE NOTE: Codes like 146/FV and 181/F found on cassettes manufactured by Takt are not catalogue numbers. They should be entered in the Barcode and Other Identifiers section, not as a catalogue number for Takt. [b]About TAKT matrix/LCCN numbers:[/b] Since 2003, TAKT assigns a 13-digit number, starting with 2, to their glass masters. These numbers can be found in the CD matrix, often along with logos, URLs and release catalogue numbers, as well as SID codes. ONLY the 13-digit number should be entered as the catalogue number for TAKT in the LCCN section. An example of how to correctly enter the information is [r1302871].

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Sales Office: 02 − 676 Warszawa Postępu 18 Budynek Neptun phone no. +48 22 874 35 75 fax no. +48 22 874 35 78 e-mail: info@takt.eu Production Plant: 32-329 Bolesław Wyzwolenia 2 phone no. +48 32 295 70 00 fax no. +48 32 642 48 33 e-mail: office@takt.eu

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