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Mastering studio founded by [a307942] in 1984. Sometimes printed simply as "Bernie Grundman" on center labels or release sleeves. Mastering Engineers that have worked at the Hollywood branch include [a=Brian Gardner], [a=Chris Bellman], [a=Scott Sedillo], [a=Joe Bozzi], [a=Patricia Sullivan], [a=Mike Bozzi], and of course [a=Bernie Grundman]. Known to have mastered for [l43107] In 1997 Bernie Grundman Mastering opened a new mastering facility in Tokyo, Japan. At the Tokyo branch, [a=Yasuji Maeda], [a=Mitsukazu Tanaka], and [a=Makoto Tonosu].

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Hollywood Branch: 1640 North Gower Street Hollywood, CA 90028-6518 USA Tel: +1 (323) 465-6264 Fax: +1 (323) 465-8367 Tokyo Branch: 31-1 Nichiwa Building 4F Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0062 Japan Tel: +81 (03)-3468-6260 Fax: +81 (03)-3468-6263 Email:

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