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NYC mastering firm that has to date been responsible for the mastering of more than 15,000 vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes since 1968. Regarding vinyl runouts, "STERLING" can either be stamped or hand etched. The studio is also identified as "SS", sometimes quite small. The following mastering engineers have worked at SS (with their runout identification): [a=Lee Hulko] > STERLING LH [a=Bob Ludwig] > STERLING RL [a=Ted Jensen] > STERLING TJ [a=Ray Janos] > STERLING RJ [a=Tom Coyne] > STERLING TC [a=Chris Athens] > STERLING CA [a=Greg Calbi] > STERLING GC [a366035] > STERLING JS [a=Chris Gehringer] (none) [a=George Marino] (none) [a=Will Quinnell] (none) [a393852] [a1088396] [a502056] [a380507] [a463852] [a600237] [a466839] [a203586] [a658158] [a237914] [url=]Joe Palmaccio[/url] aka [a432086] [a360608] Sterling was founded by Lee Hulko & John Paschek in October 1968, with the studio at 56 W. 45th St. Manhattan. Bob Ludwig joined in 1969 and the facility then moved in 1970 to larger premises, offering two mastering suites, in the Screen Actors Guild building at 110 West 57th Street. George Marino joined the Company in 1972, after which Ludwig departed in 1975 to join [l264111] - being replaced in the same year by Greg Calbi (from [l270810]) and Ted Jensen (from [l222622]'s MLAC), the latter taking over much of Hulko's mastering, whose tasks had turned to technical & management duties. In 1977 the Company again moved to 1790 Broadway, offering 5 suites with the latest state-of-the-art acoustics, where they were joined by [a502056]. In 1980 the facility was updated to digital and, in 1990, Paschek departed and sold his shares to Hulko. Four years later, Calbi departed to join Masterdisk and was replaced by Tom Coyne (from [l279096]). In 1995 Joe Palmaccio joined (from Polygram Studios). In 1998 Murat Aktar, of Absolute Audio, joined forces with Jensen, Calbi & Coyne to purchase the facility from Hulko - in partnership with [l265000]. Following Hulko's retirement the Studio began its move to Chelsea district of Manhattan in February 1999, being joined by Chris Gehringer (from Hit Factory) at the 1790 Broadway suite, along with Chris Athens in March. Calbi then moved to the Chelsea suite and, in January 2002, the move to Chelsea was completed followed by closure of Broadway.

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Sterling Sound 88 Tenth Ave, 6th Floor New York, NY 10011 USA +1 212.604.9433 (tel) Redundant locations; 56 W. 45th St. Manhattan, New York, USA. 110 West 57th Street, New York, USA. 1790 Broadway, New York, USA.

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