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WEA Musique du Canada, Ltée. The Canadian WEA company branch. 1810 Birchmount RD., Scarborough, Ontario. A division of [l=Warner Communications Inc.] Please NOTE: Not a label, but a company. Only list its function in a company field! Please also state in Release Notes which title is on release (i.e. Ltd or Ltée) to assist submissions, as 2 issues may exist with either. Known as WEA [Warner, Elektra, Atlantic] Music of Canada by 1972 which, in 1990, became [l=Warner Music Canada Ltd] - a subsidiary of the US-based [l82998]. The Canadian division of [l=Warner Bros. Records] began in 1967 as Warner Reprise Canada Ltd. to market and manufacture Warner subsidiary releases. Circa mid 1971 to mid '72, the company was briefly known as [l=Kinney Music Of Canada, Ltd.]. In 1972 the company was renamed WEA Music Of Canada, Ltd. and, in 2004, the company was renamed [l=Warner Music Canada Co.] June 1974 The Company began employing the 1974-designed [a=Saul Bass] 'W' logo on releases, later to become the umbrella brand identity for the [l=Warner Music Group] Corporate Name History 1967-08-31 to 1970-06-25 [l=Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Records Of Canada Ltd.] 1970-06-25 to 1971-05-28 [l=Warner Bros. Records Of Canada, Ltd.] 1971-05-28 to 1972-06-15 [l=Kinney Music Of Canada, Ltd.] 1972-06-15 to 1989 [l=WEA Music Of Canada, Ltd.]

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