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Audio mastering and multimedia company from New York City, established in 1973 as part of Mercury Records. In 1975, the label decided to opt out of the studio business and sold the Masterdisk division to medical equipment company OCG Technology Inc. In 1982, Doug Levine bought Masterdisk. In 1990, Masterdisk acquired its present location, comprising the entire 5th floor of its Manhattan building. In 2001, the company acquired and renovated the 6th floor to accommodate the rapid expansion of their DVD operations. In 2008, mastering engineer [a=Scott Hull (2)] bought Masterdisk. Some releases credit the studio as: - Master Disc - Master Disk - Masterdisc - Masterdisk Corp. - Masterdisk Corporation - Masterdisk (NYC) - Masterdisk N.Y.C. - Masterdisk, New York Chief mastering engineer: [a=Andy VanDette] ([B]AV[/B]) Senior mastering engineer: [a=Roger Lian] Mastering engineers that have worked here include (followed by their runout initials): [a=Howie Weinberg] ([B]HW[/B]), [a=Alex DeTurk] ([B]AD[/B]), [a=Gilbert Kong] ([B]GK[/B]), [a=Bob Ludwig] ([B]RL[/B]), [a=Bill Kipper] ([B]BK[/B]),, [a=Scott Hull (2)] ([B]SH[/B]), [a=Leon Zervos] ([B]LZ[/B]), [a=Greg Calbi] ([B]GC[/B]), [a=Drew Anderson], [a=Vlado Meller], [a=Randy Merrill], [a=Matthew Agoglia], [a=Mark Santangelo], [a=Jeff Reeves], [a=Tim Boyce (2)], [a=Graham Goldman] ([B]GG[/B]), [a=Matt Shane (2)], Drew Cappotto, Michael Tucci, [a3182490] ([b]JD[/b]) and [a=Marcos Sueiro Bal], [a651530] DC, [a=Tony Dawsey] ([B]TD[/B]) Note: circa 2014 [a346852] is owner and engineer at [l678898]. Engineers / Technicians that have worked here include: [a=Don Cuminale]

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545 West 45th Street New York, NY 10036 Phone: 212-541-5022 Fax: 212-581-4093

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