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Muscle Shoals Sound Studios


A.k.a. Muscle Shoals Sound, Sheffield, Alabama [l=Muscle Shoals Sound Studios] was founded in 1969 by four musicians, who left the nearby [l=Fame Recording Studios] to build up their own work station. They were called the Swampers: [a=Barry Beckett] (keyboards), [a=Roger Hawkins] (drums), [a=Jimmy Johnson (4)] (guitar) and [a=David Hood] (bass) They became known as The [a=Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section] and were the first rhythm section to own a studio and eventually run their own publishing and production companies. The article at wikipedia is recommended. Known to have worked here; [a125450], [a322425]

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Old address was: Muscle Shoals Sound Studios 3614 Jackson Hwy, Sheffield, AL 35660 moved to an updated and larger facility on Alabama Avenue in Sheffield in the late 1970s.

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