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Toronto, Ontario-based manufacturer of vinyl records and pre-recorded DVDs, VHS videocassettes, CD-Audio, CD-ROMs, and audio cassettes. For the French manufacturer, please refer to [l275157]. Founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of eight-track cartridges and cassettes. Cinram's first CD pressing plant commenced operations in 1987. In 2003, it purchased the European manufacturer and distributor [l=Warner Music Manufacturing Europe], located in Alsdorf (Germany), which was then renamed [l=Cinram GmbH]. The same year, it also acquired WEA Manufacturing Inc., the American disc-manufacturing facilities formerly owned by Time Warner. Vinyl pressings can be identified by a stamped CR in a circle. Occasionally, the CR was etched. Also, the center labels feature "CR" (usually below the cat #). Vinyl manufacturing was given up around 1991. The date of the glass master can be determined from the Cinram matrix number. For example: [r3295740] Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): TRIB216391 [b]#11114[/b]Y17 12 Glass master date: 14th November 2001. [r1853047] Matrix / Runout: [b]#930314[/b]KK CD-40762 MFG BY CINRAM Glass master 14th March 1993. These dates may be used to determine if the release is an original release or a repress, but does not inform the release date itself as glass masters are frequently used some time after it was originally manufactured.

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