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G.P.I. S.A.


Greek pressing & manufacturing plant, founded in 1975. G.P.I. stands for Greek Phonographic Industries. Has pressed a vast quantity of vinyl records and cassettes for the majority of labels based in Greece such as '[l=Lyra]'. Originally independent, it later became a Phonogram / PolyGram pressing plant. In 1995 it was purchased by '[l=Digital Press Hellas]'. Appears also as "G.P.I. S.A. 410" or just "G.P.I." and may be misread as "G.P.I.S.A.". Vinyl records cut and pressed by G.P.I. often have "MT410", "MT 410", "M.T. 410", "DT410" or "S" etched in the runout grooves, where 410 identifies the lacquer cut.

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