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Czech company, vinyl, tape, CD and DVD manufacturer. Successor to ??[l=Gramofonové závody] a.s.? (??Gramophone Record Factory?) and ??GZmedia, a.s.?, since 17 January 2000. [b]Renamed to [l=GZ Media] per 1 January 2014. [/b] Vinyl manufacture in Lod?nice runs continuously since 1951. GZ was temporarily using the [i]internal[/i] trademark ??GZ V!nyl?, also known as ??GZ Vinyl?. Sometimes credited with a ??www.gzvinyl.com? stamp in the vinyl runout area. [u][b]Vinyl matrix schemes ca. 1999??2004:[/b][/u] [b]AX #####/Z[/b] ??A? = verbatim, no particular meaning ??X? = format ??Z? = galvanoplasty [u][b]Vinyl matrix schemes ca. 2004??2013:[/b][/u] [b]#####X~/Z[/b] or [b]#####X~~/Z[/b] ??~? = side number ??X? = format ??Z? = galvanoplasty [u]Main vinyl formats:[/u] E = stereo, 12", 33?? RPM F = stereo, 10", 33?? RPM G = stereo, 7" EP, 45 RPM H = stereo, 7", 45 RPM M = stereo, 12", 45 RPM N = stereo, 10", 45 RPM O = stereo, 7", 33?? RPM [u][b]CD matrix scheme:[/b][/u] GZ [b]X#####[/b] ??X? = year of matrix manufacturing K=1999, L=2000, M=2001, N=2002, O=2003, P=2004, R=2005, S=2006, T=2007, U=2008, V=2009, W=2010, X=2011, Y=2012, Z=2013 [i]??Q? was never used in the matrix schemes. CD matrix will be stored for 2 years, i.e. any represses in that time window will bear the same number. If the original CD matrix was damaged, a new one will be created with a new number.[/i] [u][b]How to[/b][/u] ? When another company is etched into the runouts alongside the GZ Digital Media matrix number, please add a [i]Manufactured By[/i] credit for that company in addition to the Pressed By credit for GZ Digital Media. ? For these releases with ??www.gzvinyl.com? in runout area the ??[l265320]? entity can be used. ? All releases [i]manufactured[/i] (and released) before 1999 (CD: year code ??A? to ??J?) should be listed under [l=Gramofonové Závody]. ? All releases [i]manufactured[/i] in 2014 or later (CD: year code ??A? etc. again) should be listed under [l=GZ Media]; do not confuse the actual release date with the year of manufacture though. [u][b]LCCN how-to[/b][/u] [b]Vinyl[/b]: Only the ??[b]AX #####[/b]? or ??[b]#####X[/b]? string should be entered, [i]without[/i] the galvanoplasty suffix; the latter also without the side suffix. [b]CD[/b]: only the ??[b]X#####[/b]? string should be entered, [i]without[/i] the ??GZ? prefix.

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GZ Media, a.s. Tovární 340, 267 12 Loděnice, Czech Republic phone +420 311 673 100, +420 311 673 101, fax +420 311 673 669 email info@gzdm.cz

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