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Cine-Tele Sound Studios Ltd. Also known as C.T.S., CTS, CTS Studios, C.T.S. Studios, CTS Limited, CTS Lansdowne, CTS-Lansdowne. Inaugurated in 1956 by a consortium that included [a1032929], [a1900821] and John Elliott. Originally located at 49-53 Kensington Gardens Square in London's Bayswater district. Very famous for recording movie and TV scores at first but was later also used for other recordings. In 1972 CTS Studios Ltd. and De Lane Lea Music Ltd. merged and consequently, CTS relocated to De Lane Lea's location at The Music Centre near the Wembley arena in late 1972. It then added rock sessions to its ongoing orchestral and film-scoring commitments. In the mid-eighties, Studio 1 became the world's first all-digital studio following the installation of a Neve DSP-1 console and Sony 3324 digital 24-track recorders. [a376278], owner of [l267342] and acquired CTS Wembley in 1987 and from now on CTS traded as CTS Lansdowne. On 24 June 2000 the complex closed having been sold by Kerridge to make way for the redevelopment of Wembley Stadium and its surrounding area. The CTS team, including engineer [a537716], relocated to the Watford Colosseum in 2000. However, on May 24, 2010 CTS Lansdowne closed down. Mastering engineer [a=Bob Jones (6)]

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Engineers Way, Wembley, London, Middx, HA9 0DR

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