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The Lacquer Channel


Please do not confuse with [l322530] Canadian mastering studio located in North York, Toronto, Ontario. Founded 1973. The current name of this facility is "Lacquer Channel Mastering". From the mid 70's onward & prior to the name change "The Lacquer Channel", a Mastering House, among other things, cut lacquer for a multiitude of artists. At some point in the past years they changed their name to "Lacquer Channel Mastering" . They no longer cut lacquer and now do basic labeling on CD Masters. TLC found in the runout area is indicative of their work and may appear as either etched or stamped, circled or boxed letters, or TLC alone. Engineering Staff: [a482445] [a381277] [a225533]

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297 Lesmil Road Toronto, Ontario, M3B 2V1

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