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Metropolis Studios


Europe's leading independent Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studios based in a disused power station in Chiswick, West London, UK. Described as : "A team of world class, award winning Recording and Mastering Engineers supplying stereo & surround recording, mixing and mastering for CD, Vinyl, High Resolution Downloads, Blu-ray, DVD, DSD and beyond. The exclusive Paradigm 1/2 speed process for vinyl. Live Direct-to-Disc cutting for vinyl. Archive restoration of collections and catalogues. Repurposing of Mono and Stereo soundtracks for Surround media including Stereo to Surround "Upmixing". Also referred to as - Metropolis Studios, London - Metropolis Mastering, London

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Information & booking: Nina Jackson or Dan Baldwin + 44 (0) 208 742 1111

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