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Vinyl manufacturing brand initially started by [l264517] and continued by [l=GZ Media], first registered in 2003. Releases which include this URL but appear to have been released earlier are probably reissues or represses. [b]Please restrict the use of this profile to releases specifically using the "[u]www.gzvinyl.com[/u]" url in the vinyl runout area. If it is not present, [u]DO NOT[/u] use this profile.[/b] The brand is also referred to as GZ V!nyl (GZ Vinyl) but rarely credited as such on the releases themselves. GZ use a catalogue system in the runout which may be recorded as the company's catalogue number. They have employed a number of sequential schemes. Here is how they may be entered. 1: From "A0 48099/A" on side A and "A0 48100/A" on side B we would use 48099/A and 48100/A as catalogue numbers on two different pressed by fields, dropping the "A0" format prefix as it is divorced from the catalogue number, and is not part of the sequential catalogue number we are recording. 2: From "118707E1/A" and "118707E2/A", we may use them in their entirety in two different pressed by fields.

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GZ Media, a.s. Tovární 340, 267 12 Loděnice, Czech Republic. Telephone: +420 311 673 100, +420 311 673 101, Fax: +420 311 673 669 Email: vinyl@gzdm.cz

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