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A&M Studios


Studio located in Hollywood, California, USA opened in 1967 and closed in 1999 after parent [l=PolyGram] merged with [l=Universal Music]. The studio started with the engineers: [a=Larry Levine], [a=Ray Gerhardt], [a=Henry Lewy], [a=Dick Bogert]. Works there in early years [a307942] who after founded [l263896] Studio. [a=Alan Yoshida] worked there for 8 years as a mastering engineer. [a=Steve Mitchell (2)] was another long time staff engineer. The studio was sold and in 2000 renamed to [l=Henson Recording Studios]. Also referred to as: - A & M Recording Studios - A & M Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA - A&M Recording Studios - A&M Studios (LA) -A&M Records, Hollywood

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A&M Recording Studios 1416 N. La Brea Los Angeles (Central Hollywood), CA 90028 USA

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